Which water/soluble oils are better? I'll tell you what's NOT.


I just started to paint again after 6 years and had to decide which w/s oils to buy so I can paint indoors with the windows closed. I had to order them online so I decided on 2 different brands. One set is Lukas and the other is Cobra. I had no idea they would prove to be so different. The palette I bought is a closable Mijello gray plastic one.I bought it because other artists said they keep paints fresher than an open palette. I put the paints into the wells and sealed them with the lid after my painting secession was over. The next day the Cobra oils were all skinned over and not usable! I was shocked. The Lukas oils were perfect. I had no idea that oils could be so different from one manufacturer to another. Now I have decided to add a dozen other colors to my collection but want to try other types of oils to see which ones I like the best. They have to stay moist and usable for more than one painting secession. I thought this time I'll try Grumbacher and Winsor and Newton. All I can say to anyone who wants to use water soluble oils...try different brands to see which you prefer before investing too much on a BAD BRAND. I just wish other brands of oils would start to produce their version of water soluble oils so artists could have a better selection to choose from. They work as well as traditional oils but no worry of anything toxic and no smells and fumes!! If YOU haven't tried them yet - you should. You'll be hooked like so many of us.

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