Watercolor Painting Instructions: Resources for Studying On Your Own

Do you lack appropriate watercolor painting instructions to get started with this wonderful medium? Or do you want to improve your watercolor skills without physically going to a class?

The best way to learn any art is to have an experienced teacher in the same room with you, but it is not always practical.

For example, I learned watercolor on my own by reading a few books and watching videos (complete instructional videos, not just short snippets from You Tube). My drawing skills made that process easier.

It also helped that I was experienced in other mediums like oil, pastels, acrylics and oil pastels. As a result, it was not too difficult for me to pick up watercolor on my own, but I did have a learning curve to overcome.

Thanks to the self-study resources I found, I was able to learn watercolor painting at my own pace in my own studio, and now I am able to teach watercolor to my students. Even if you are not very experienced in either drawing or painting, you still can make progress by studying on your own.

Watercolor Painting Instructions on DVD's

A great place to get these instructional DVD's is CCP Videos and Dick Blick Art Supplies.

They specialize in fine art instructional videos covering every medium you can imagine. There are numerous DVDs that offer high quality watercolor painting instructions by renowned artists. Basically, you are getting a workshop or master class worth of instruction at a fraction of the price. You also get to watch the video over and over again to really firm up your understanding of the material.

Another place I often go to for watercolor painting instructions is a video rental video company called SmartFlix. They have instructional DVDs that teach art and all sorts of hobbies. In my experience, they deliver promptly and are very reliable. There are a wide array of options to choose from. I highly recommend it!

Books on Watercolor Instructions

Books are also another valuable resource. There are always new books on instructions on the market. Choosing from among so many can be overwhelming. I am very much of a visual learner, and less of a reader, so I am pretty selective of what books I buy.

From time to time, however, I do come across a gem that eventually ends up on my book shelf. I only recommend three books here, and have each of them on my bookshelf.

  • Daring Color- Mix and Mingle Watercolor on Your Paper by Anne Abgott - I learned a few key techniques in this book that made a huge difference in my watercolor paintings. The book is easy to follow, with very clear step by step demonstrations. If you are into a more representational style for your watercolor paintings, then this book is a good one to have. It not only teaches the fundamentals of watercolor painting techniques, but it also shows you how to create bold colors (instead of dull colors). It is geared for watercolorists of all levels.

  • Pouring Light: layering transparent watercolor by Jean H. Grastorf shows you how to pour watercolor paints over the paper to create stunning, transparent, and rich colors. Traditionally watercolor painting instruction emphasizes application of washes using brushes. Grastorf's approach is refreshing and energizing. There are plenty of illustrated pictures to look at, which makes it easy to follow his watercolor painting instructions. It is a very inspiring book!

  • Exploring watercolor : creative exercises and techniques for watercolor and mixed media by Elizabeth Groves
    - Once you 'graduate' from Anne Abgott's watercolor book and are ready to venture out a bit, this book offers a wonderful resource for a diversity of techniques from different watercolorists. In my opinion, it is a really good book for your personal collection.

Give my recommendations a try and watch how these watercolor painting instructions jump start your journey to explore this medium.

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Watercolor Painting Resources

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