Fix Your Pastel Paintings Without Using a Pastel Fixative Spray

If you have read the page on using a pastel fixative to seal and protect your pastel paintings, then you will not want to miss this alternative that I recently learned from a fellow artist. He has experimented with a variety of ways to prevent pastel dust from shedding. He finally settled on this method.

Using Steam to Fix Pastels

This technique works to fix a finished pastel painting. You might still use regular pastel fixatives between layers as steam fixing is not appropriate for that. All you need is a regular hand-held clothes iron with a steam option. The process works like this:

  • Lay the painting flat on the ground–preferably taped to foam core or another sturdy support. Make sure that the surface is flat and not buckled.

  • Now pour some distilled water into the steam iron and turn it to medium high heat. Wait until there are no water drops emerging and a good strong jet of steam is emerging. Hold the iron level, about 2 inches (5 cm) above the painting. Make multiple passes over the painting, just like you would with a spray bottle of fixative.

  • Watch out for water drops. Make sure that the entire painting is dry before you move it; to be sure, let it dry overnight.

Once the painting is dry, it is ready to go.

Note: This steam fixing method keeps the dust come off of the painting during regular handling, but if you deliberately rub the it with your finger, the dust will come off.

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