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I have been asked to put up a few paintings of mine online for this site. So here I am with several oil paintings.

I used to paint things the way strictly I saw them. Over these past years, my style has evolved, however, in a less linear manner. I am a romantic at heart and a pragmatic on the surface. I find it interesting to juggle between the two components.

Inspired by other artists and their works from romanticism, impressionism,and classicism, I have constantly worked to find a voice. The journey never ends. And that's fun of it!

my oil painting gallery - 2 divas

"2 Divas", 36"x40"

I recently started to paint large scale painting for gallery showings. I took photographs of the model and used two pictures of the same model to compose this painting. Lots of bright colors applied transparently over each other. I was painting the oil paints like watercolor. To finish it off, I used oil pastels and oil bars to give it accents. A fun piece for me because I got to use bright colors to convey the passionate emotion in this piece.

my oil painting gallery - black lady and butterfly

"Rose and Her Dream", 18"x24"

This piece is done for a charity cause. The subject has a very sad story. I tried to convey the positive side of her life and what it could be if she sees the hope. I did a lot of pencil sketches from life and used a photograph I took of her for this painting. Like the first piece above, I was playing around with oil paints like watercolor.

my gallery painting - my own daughter Sophia

"Sophia", 36"x40"

I had lots of fun creating this portrait of my daughter Sophia. I adopt a very different approach from my usual formal commissioned portraits. I juxtaposed elements about her love of animals and facets of her personality in this piece using 'unrealistic' colors.

my oil painting gallery Florence

"Florence", 12"x16"

This is a plein aire painting over the Renaissance city in the hottest summer in Europe in the past 50 years(2003) I survived the heat, however. My handy dandy umbrella saved me from roasting under the sun while I was painting this piece. I adopted a more traditional way using opague and thick paints.

my oil painting gallery - poppy flower field

"Scarlet Field", 18"x24"

Not quite a plein aire piece because of the scale. However, I took some pictures and I did a quick sketch on site for the key color notes. I worked quick on this piece. As a result, it looks more 'impressionistic'.

my oil painting gallery - snow scene

"Snow Scene", 12"x14"

This painting is done from different composites of photos and impressions I recorded in my sketch book. I used very thick paints and muted colors to convey the coldness of winter. I worked on the composition for a while before I started to paint.

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