Introduction: Learn Watercolor Painting

learn watercolor painting

Want to learn watercolor painting?

The transparency, luminosity, and sheer beauty of a well-executed watercolor painting is breathtaking. As a medium, watercolor is flexible and versatile; you can create bright, bold effects, or soft delicate colors.

You can use spontaneous contrasting sweeps of colors, or manipulate the mood through tonal values and the balance of colors used. Abstract, impressionist, or photo-realistic, watercolor painting is an endless delight.

Watercolors are often the first art medium for many people. There are good reasons: it is easy to set up, watercolor art supplies are easy to carry around, and it is easy to clean up.

You have no solvents to worry about, and a short drying time. In short, it is a very straightforward medium.

While the characteristics of watercolor painting are exciting, they can be challenging as well. Watercolor washes can get out of hand, and it's easy to make a mistake when timing the drying process.

Watercolors are not as forgiving as mediums such as oil paint, pastel, oil pastel, or even acrylic. However, don't let that put you off; we all know that with sufficient knowledge and steady effort, anybody can master watercolor painting.

Apply the information in the following easy, informative articles to begin with.

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Watercolor Painting

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