Learn to Draw People : Helpful Tips and Insights

As you learn to draw people, you will need to pull together a tremendous amount of knowledge and techniques. It can be quite a steep learning curve at first, and the learning curve can last for a while.

However, once you know the trick of mastering the human form you will find that, with practice, you will make steady progress.

Keep it up! As your skills mature, you will be glad that you stuck it out.

Sitting Woman in charcoal by Connie Nelson
But why does drawing people present such a challenge, anyway?

It's not that drawings of people are the hardest to make, it's just that they are the easiest to judge.

You are so familiar with the structure and layout of your own body that you notice small inaccuracies almost always immediately.

You can draw accurately with this method!

As you learn to draw people from observation, you'd find that instead of directly drawing what you see, you tend to draw from memory and overemphasize the parts that you consider important.

So the head ends up too large for the body, the face too big for the head, features too big for the face, and so on.... This instinctive information can become an obstacle to drawing what we actually see.

When learning to draw people, my advice is to let go of the anxiety over 'getting a likeness' or making a picture that people will like. This way, you can concentrate on the fundamental principle of 'looking'. You will draw more truthfully what you see, and the likeness will come with time.

Like learning a language, you need to take baby steps at first and then move on once you learn the basics:

Mastering the human form takes patience and persistence but you can do it! To learn more and really push your drawing skills of people to a higher and solid level, visit the most comprehensive figure drawing resource here.

Above all, enjoy your drawing and enjoy the the process for itself. When, with practice, you see more and more success you will enjoy it even more!

Grab this tool to help you speed up your learning curve. I own one, and I often encourage many students to consider it.

Draw Real People

Draw People

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