How to Draw and Paint Blog

Hi, the How To Draw and Paint blog is my mini-journal about learning to see, draw, and paint. It lets you know whenever a new page appears on discussing a different painting or drawing technique or providing insights for improving your drawings and paintings. Enjoy it!

Introduction : Learn Watercolor Painting

Learn watercolor painting as an exciting medium. Experience the transparency and the array of watercolor painting techniques at ease.

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Painting Skin Tones Made Easier

Painting skin tones, regardless of your medium, only takes a bit of understanding about color mixing. You can easily master matching your subject's flesh colors. Read this page to learn the basic tec

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Watercolor Painting Techniques For Creating Textures

Learn the watercolor painting techniques to create textures. There are dry brush, wax resist, scratching, salt and spattering. Many possibilities are available with watercolor painting.

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Learn How To Draw Clothes

Learn how to draw clothes by identifying the underlying geometric shapes and following a simple step by step demo.

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How To Draw Ears

Learn how to draw ears. Study these simple techniques for capturing the anatomy of ears, and follow the step by step demo.

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