I love my water soluble oil paints!

by Dee Kingston
(Miami, Florida. U.S.A)

I have started to use water soluble oil paints as I began to develop some problems with the fume from the solvents. I must say that I am quite impressed with how they work. The colors, when dried, are as vivid as the traditional paints on the market. I still keep some of my favorite oil paints that I can't buy from the water mixable product line. I reserve those traditional paints for thick passages on the painting. I can use mediums to spread them on top of the either dried or semi dried water soluble paints so I have never had the need for using solvents.

Winsor & Newton is my favorite brand as they have a wide range of colors to choose from. I also own some of the Van Gogh H2 oil paints for more choices of colors. This line has some brilliant colors that Winsor does not have. I suspect that some of the colors are fashioned after Van Gogh's palette!

I recently have tried Holbein Duo Aqua oil paints and love them. I think all the oil paints from different brands work together for me. I use Winsor &Newton oil medium made for this type of oil paints. If I need to thin the medium, I add just a little water to it.

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