haven't tried them yet!

by Jennifer Anne Carmichael

I am pregnant with 2nd child now and (when preg with my now 2 1/2 year old son)the last time I thought switching to Acrylics was the answer - re: No solvents/easier cleanup) - I do love my Liquitex, Golden and Atelier Interactives - but - as you well know and I found out - Acrylics are NOT water-clean up oil paints!! And the mediums! Confusing - fun - but....I recently added 2nd or 3rd layers to oil paintings (I'd started almost 3 years ago)- and while I had a blast - was so, so Not Happy to have oil and turps/ even turpenoid natural all over the place - and worst of all - I found out my hubby accidently threw out my Precious (albeit disgusting/questionable looking!) Master's Brush Soap - that was in a metal tin under the sink - and I clean ALL my brushes (acrylic, oil, inktense, watercolor) with this awesome soap. like 2 in one shampoo for brushes, but better, as it actually conditions as well as acts like a solvent to get the paint off everything else (me)! So this time I want to paint with my beloved oils but was/am scared to try the water solubles, because, yes - who knows? So Lukas are good? Thanks for the tip - I'll definitely look for those, and keep reading (I subscribe to your site on my igooglepage) Thanks and take Care!

Jennifer Anne Carmichael

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Sep 08, 2012
by: Connie

Thanks for your comment and thougt. I wish you good luck in trying out the wonderful alternative to traditional oil.

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