Not just another Drawing Tool Review : Accurasee Drawing Method – Gain More Control over Accuracy

I am always looking for ways to draw more accurately, as I believe that accuracy in drawing gives a better chance for a successful realistic painting.

I learned long ago how to measure proportions and locate landmarks on any subject using my pencil as a plumb line. This ability still serves me well, but the process can become hellish if I miscalculate a ratio. I have at times resorted to tools like a grid or a heavy proportional divider, but neither really cuts it.

I happened upon the Accurasee Drawing Method in an art magazine. The ad promised a better solution for artists looking to achieve accuracy. Curious, I looked for images of the works of Bjorn Thorkelson, the founder of the method first to make sure he knows how to draw. I was impressed by what I saw.

Accurasee Method Bjorn Thorkelson Painting His art demonstrates that he knows what he is talking about. Then I asked him a few questions via e-mail, and after receiving his prompt answers, I decided to give the Accurasee Method kit a try.

Soon after it arrived in the mail, I began watching the videos made by Bjorn Thorkelson, and put it to work. The kit comes with two grid cards, a lightweight proportional divider, a measuring tape with 20 measurement groupings, and mounts for the grid cards. I skipped reading the small manual, since the videos walk you step by step through the process.

The results?

I soon noticed that I was developing accurate drawings for portraits faster and easier than before. Normally I would take about an hour to draw a head but with the kit, I can nail down the proportions, landmarks and details within half an hour.

As a result, I can start painting faster than if I was just using pencil measurements or proportional divider alone.

Needless to say, using the kit spares my eyes from straining (since I do not have to close one eye all the time to do measuring). Also, I can get on with the painting without repeatedly stopping to check and recheck my drawing. I was really quite pleased at the amount of time and effort saved when using the kit.

Later, I used the Accurasee Method on a complex gesture drawing of a man. Again, the result was much more accurate than my previous methods. I was very happy!

Now I teach my students to use this method to speed up their acquisition of realistic drawing techniques so they can quickly move on and hone the time-tested painting methods of the masters.

Not only do students realize an immediate increase in accuracy, but at the same time they also cultivate key habits needed by all good draftsmen. They learn how to align and compare shapes, lines, and spaces.

I know Bjorn knows what it takes to learn to see and draw accurately without compromising creativity.

If you are just beginning to learn to draw, try this kit and see for yourself how it makes it easier for you to learn to measure proportions and pick up the classical methods of alignments and comparison.

Even if you are an intermediate or advanced painter, I think you will find, like I did, that this approach will help you refine your drawing technique.

Note however that Bjorn emphasizes that the Accurasee Drawing Method is meant to be a drawing tool, not a crutch, and certainly not a magic pill to improve drawing. The method helps establish key landmarks in a subject but it does not map out every aspect of an image. It will not replace the vital skills of “seeing as an artist” that are taught elsewhere on this site. It is an aid that will help you become a better artist.

You may think it sounds very mechanical and wonder if it will it stifle your creativity? My answer is no. On the contrary, it enhances your creativity by giving you more freedom as an artist. All the great masters have used the various elements that make up the Accurassee Drawing Method in their paintings and creativity was never a problem. If you put in the effort to use it, this kit can boost your artistic prowess.

I consider this kit as one of this year's best investments for my art. If you try it, I am sure you will benefit from it like I have. For more information, check out Bjorn's amazing 'invention' for yourself.

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