Introduction To Colored Pencils

You may think colored pencils are only for drawing because they look like graphite pencils and are not liquid or buttery like watercolors or oils.

This is not true at all!

Inside a pencil, there is a core that is made of a wax or vegetable binder. Around the core is a casing-two pieces of either round or hexagon-shaped wood with a groove routed down the center.

The casing, usually made of cedar, is cemented together and painted or varnished. The end of the pencil is capped to prevent artists from sharpening it away. Some brands have no caps.

They are a versatile medium that contains many exciting possibilities. Many pieces of art done with this medium are not drawings, but paintings. And in order to master this medium, it almost requires a superb knowledge of drawing, values and colors.

So, what make them unique?

  • They are a translucent medium
    Similar to watercolors, they are very transparent and require the same layering techniques.
  • They are not a fast medium.
    Please don't think this is a fast medium because they are pencils to be picked up to draw like what kids do in the elementary schools. You will soon be humbled if you go ahead with the thought that they are easy medium. They are not! Patience is the key to success.
  • They are conducive to tight detail-oriented artworks.
    To surpass other mediums of art, they are suitable for detail oriented minds.
  • They cannot be completely erased without damaging the painting surface.
    What that means is that they are not very forgiving if mistakes are made on the paper.
  • They are mixed directly on the surface, rather than on separate palette.
    They often require painstaking mixing techniques in order to achieve their famous smooth and translucent textures. But don't worry. Anybody can learn how to do it!
In the introduction you will learn about

Creating a painting may require many hours to finish, so it's a good idea to plan a course of action before starting.

Like any other artistic endeavor, they require a learning curve and lots of practice and patience to achieve mastery.

So, let's get started and explore together.

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