Do You Desire to Learn to Draw and Paint Well?

Section targeting Do you desire to learn to draw and paint, and create art you can be proud of?

Or have have you been painting for a while and found yourself in a rut?Section targeting Do you want some guidance the help you get moving again?

"Abundance", 16"x 20", Oil by Connie Nelson

Or, maybe you just want to take your drawing and painting skills to a higher level?

Art can enrich your life. It is up to you to make that decision.

It has definitely impacted mine. My students and my fellow artists share the same experience. So why can't be it the same for you? Section targeting Learn the essential techniques. Learn to think like an artist.

Learning to draw and paint is a journey with both rewards and challenges.

Talent alone will not do it. You need techniques, insights, and intuition. Combine that with persistence and dedication, and you will create the art of your dreams.

Here you have the opportunity to learn to draw and paint. Use my tips, techniques, teachings and online resources to improve your art from the comfort of your home.

Here you will..........

  • Grasp the basics of drawing. Use my guidelines and tutorials, and learn to draw effectively and accurately.

    Imagine the confidence that comes from being able to draw anything you want. Plus, if you learn how to draw well, painting becomes easier, too.

  • Explore different painting media: oil, pastel, oil pastels, watercolors and acrylics.

    Apply the techniques you learn from new media to your chosen medium to strengthen your visual language.

  • Dig deeply into the special challenges of painting various subject matter, such as figures, landscapes, and still life. Different subject matter offers different challenges. Learn how to tackle them and expand your repertoire.

  • Go beyond mechanistic techniques and enhance your artistic voice by learning the thinking habits and disciplines of successful representational artists.

    Use these art tips to maximize your learning in art classes, workshops or other tutorials. Section targeting

  • Develop and fine tune your style with exercises and tutorials drawn from my experience as an art teacher.

    Work through these exercises to gain the skills you need to take you where you want to go.

So let's learn to draw and paint together!


Images from the artist/webmaster are all copyrighted.

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You are only one step away from learning to draw accurately!

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What others say about this site...

"Hi Connie, Your site is one of them I have looking for, a long time now. It is very informative and precise."

Lekha Praveen, India

"Connie - I am most appreciative of your website. Only recently have I begun fulfilling my dream of oil painting. With only a few lessons behind me, I am now on my own and your website contains the most comprehensive information in language and terms easily understood. I thank you for taking the time to put this valuable guide together."

Sharon Langford, USA

"I have been online plenty of time to try and find great advice from great artists (ones who are still alive), and I found that your website is very insightful. I am happy to see good positive tips and information for the consideration of artists seeking help. I just wanted to thank you for having this site."

Coby Bottoms, USA

"I found your website by searching Sargent. I have never left a message on other sites but feel compelled to compliment you on your website. It is freely giving in information and advice. The site is very responsive and easy to use because it is well laid out. The information is fresh,useful and positive. It probably took a while to plan and finalize but the effort is noticeable and worth it to me. I really enjoyed reading about Sargent whose technique both in oil and watercolor are what I want to see in my own work. Very, very good job. Thanks.

Jim Stallard-Halifax,Nova Scotia, Canada

"You don't know how many hours I spent searching and searching for "down to the point" instructions for using layers and glazes in oil painting. I was just so confused about the procedure. I am having problems beginning an oil painting. I just happened to google a certain word(which I can't recall anymore) and came across your site. I love the way you simplify the procedures and give examples and compare using words, like "almost like you add a VEIL to it." You seem like a natural instructor! Thank you, I learned so much and I am definitely bookmarking you site under my favorites!"

Beth Scott,USA

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